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Information: Word Cardsharing (cardsharing) comes from two English words: Card (card) and a computer word Share (share). In other words it is general access to the card. In the computer world lexicon, sharing resources - means opening a folder, printer, or something else to share or access with a password on your local network or the Internet. Let us imagine a situation - you have a house in which there are 3-4 TVs with satellite receivers. And each of them, each family member wants to watch his satellite channel. In one you see football, the other woman looks Dom-2, the third your child wants to watch, "Tom and Jerry" For example a package of channels (subscription) costs 10$. In order to view this, you will need to register and pay the 3 subscription 30$. A little expensive. Is not it? But craftsmen have come up with such a wonderful thing as Cardsharing. So Cardsharing it - when the official card rassharivayut (open access by login / password) for a few receivers. Receivers at the same time must be interconnected by a LAN: Wi-Fi, LAN, Internet or other connection. On the receiver (or computer) that rassharivaet card (giving access) must be installed special software for Cardsharing. This receiver or a computer called a server Cardsharing. He must have a static IP address on the network or the name of that other receivers know where to send the packet. Receivers on which you view the name servers. As a server, Cardsharing computer can be used with appropriate software, as well as the original card inserted into the programmer and connected to the computer. Very often, the server kardasharinga use the Dreambox. These receivers are different in that they are running on the kernel Linux. Hence for them is written almost any software and capabilities they have much more than conventional satellite receivers, where almost all implemented in software. From an internal point of view it is the same computer. The client can be Cardsharing Dreambox same or DVB-card in the computer (SS2, SS3, etc.). You also need the appropriate software and configuration. Cardsharing is supported by many modern satellite receivers.